This red oak is a sure-fire winner for ducks, deer, and folks who don’t think they have a green thumb! Nuttall oaks are easy to establish, and grow like a weed as a young tree. Even better, Nuttalls can tolerate poorly drained sites more so than any other red oak. Wait there’s more! Many of our Nuttalls don’t even think about dropping until December, which means one of the highest carb acorns (about 45%) are on the ground when ducks and bucks need energy the most.

Deer people: Plant Nuttalls in the back corner of your favorite big late season food plot, or along their favorite trail leading to that plot.

Duckers: Establish Nuttalls in areas that can be flooded most every winter. Remember all duck holes need an occasional break from flooding. Call our MOLES staff for more help on establishing and managing oaks in your timber holes. Nuttall oak is definitely on our top five list of favorite oaks!



Red Oak section

5 – 9

Soil pH: 4.5 – 6.5
Mature Height: 100′
Wildlife Value: Acorns are a favorite to deer and wild turkey. Also important to squirrels because acorns remain in the tree well into January when most habitat is flooding.
Site Preference: Naturally occurs on poorly drained bottom sites. Tolerates intermittent flooding during the dormant season. Thrives when planted on moist, fertile sites with good drainage.
Nut Maturity Date: November to January (varies)
Alias: Texas Red Oak, Red Oak, Red River Oak, Pin Oak, Striped Oak