RWWP Clover & Chicory

5 lb Jug = 1/2 Acre 10 lb Bag = 1 Acre

RWWP Clover and Chicory contains only the very best varieties found in our test plots. We started by planting every clover variety we could find side-by-side and letting the deer tell us which ones they preferred. Chicory makes a great companion crop with clover and makes up 3% of the total blend. Chicory is packed with protein and drought hardy. The particular variety of chicory we use was the most attractive variety in our testing. Clover produces tons of forage throughout the year and is a staple for the serious land manger looking to produce the most forage he can for his herd. This blend is also great for fire breaks, access lanes, logging roads, and slightly shaded small plots that can be maintained through mowing.

In 2017 Real World President, Don Higgins, accidentally discovered a specific variety of perennial red clover. Deer were leaving his highly managed whitetail mecca to browse in a neighbor’s hay field. Real World did some digging to find out which variety it was and then had our field testers across the country test the variety for themselves. After seeing similar results we added it to our clover & chicory blend. We already felt that RWWP Clover & Chicory could hold its own against anything on the market but now we have made it even better.

As with all Real World products, there are no cheap filler seeds or excess seed coating in this blend. We also only use perennial clover where most companies mix in annuals. With more seed of the varieties proven to be preferred by whitetails in our tests, we challenge you to plant this blend next to any other clover blend on the market. Real World prefers to educate our customers about reading seed tags in order to buy the best quality products possible. Check out the comparison below of what we offer compared to our leading competitor offers for one acre of clover. The difference is unbelievable!

RWWP Clover & Chicory

For one acre:

10# – 6% inert matter = 9.4# seed

9.4# seed x 90% germination = 8.46# good seed 100% of this seed is perennial

Leading Competitor’s Clover

For one acre:

8# – 34% inert matter = 5.28# seed

5.28# seed x 80% germination = 4.224# good seed – ½ of this seed is perennial and ½ are annuals

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