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Brown Turkey Fig Tree


§ Heavy crops of delicious figs twice a year

§ Best way to enjoy fully-ripened figs

§ Easily grown, even in poor soil

§ Grow in a pot in colder areas

§ Disease and pest free

The Brown Turkey Fig is easy to grow in any sunny spot. It thrives in poor, dry soil, and once it is established it is very drought resistant. It is usually free of any pests or diseases, and very easy to grow. It will grow outdoors in the open in zones 8 and 9. In zone 7 and sheltered parts of zone 6 it is best grown across a south-facing wall. In colder zones it should be grown in a pot and protected from freezing in winter. You do not even need a bright place to store the tree over winter in a pot as the tree is dormant and needs not light at that time.

The fig is an unusual fruit because once picked from the tree it will stop ripening. Unfortunately, un-ripe figs have very little taste and yet for commercial transport and sale



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